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Annandale VirginiaEcoTek Pest Control offers expert pest control services in Annandale Virginia, which is situated just fourteen miles south of the Washington DC. One of the unique aspects of Annandale is that it’s city center is recognized as the unofficial Koreatown for the Washington D.C. metro area. There are a number of shops and restaurants that are well-known for the quality Korean food include Korean barbecues and bakeries. The city of Annandale is also home to the oldest branch of the Northern Virginia community College. There are several parks for the 41,008 residents of Annandale.

Buying a home in the Annandale area is an investment. The close proximity to the D.C. area along with the cultural and educational opportunities in the area make Annandale a great place to buy a home. However, due to the number of parks and nearby streams there can be an issue with insects in the area. The hot humid summers and cool mild winters contribute to the insect problem. Fortunately, the experts at EcoTek can help protect your home and your family from the insects that may plague your home. They can help with everything from termites to cockroaches, and ants to bed bugs. You can schedule a free inspection and receive a free estimate to give yourself peace of mind when it comes to protecting the things that are most important to you.

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  • Ant Control

    ant exterminators in Annandale

    Ants invasions can happen at any time of the year. An ant colony will send scouts into your home looking for food and water sources. If you find just one or two ants, chances are you will soon see a steady stream as the ants move the food and water out of your home and into their colony. Household ants tend to build their colonies outside in the ground.

    Carpenter ants are another common problem in Annandale. These ants make their colonies in dead wood and can damage your home in the same ways that termites can. They are slightly larger than household ants. You may see them near baseboards, window sills or along the edges of your carpet. Many over-the-counter products may clear up the problem temporarily, but in order to really stop ants you need to kill the queen so that the entire colony dies. The experts at EcoTek can take care of your ant problem. Contact EcoTek to schedule a free ant inspection today and find out just how affordable it is for an ant control treatment.

    Termite Control

    termite control in Annandale

    Termites are a serious problem for homeowners in Annandale. Many homeowners do not realize there is a problem until the colony has already established itself and caused significant damage. This is because you do not see termites since they are eating the wood in your home in areas that you do not normally see. Signs of a termite invasion include mud tubes on the outside of the home or squeaky floorboards.

    If you suspect that you may have termites, you need to act right away. A termite colony can eat through an entire home in just two years. The longer you wait to identify the problem and take care of it, the more damage that they can cause. The damage can affect the value of your home. If you suspect you have termites, contact the experts at EcoTek to address the problem today. You can receive a free inspection and free estimate for a termite control treatment, cleanup and termite damage repairs. Learn more about our termite control services.

    Bed Bug Control

    Annandale bed bug exterminators

    Bed bugs are a growing problem in the United States. Although termites were nearly eradicated in the 1960s, they have made a comeback due to the increased travel of many individuals. Most people who end up with bed bugs accidentally end up with them after bringing them home from a business trip or vacation. The bed bugs will crawl into your luggage at the hotel and then begin to bite you when you get home. It is important to carefully check for bed bugs anytime you stay in a hotel and to keep your suitcase off the floor.

    Bed bugs are small and nocturnal which means they may hard to spot. Signs of bed bugs include a small row of bites, as well as blood stains in the sheets. You may also see small droppings on the sheets, bedding, mattress, box spring and headboard. Bed bugs are difficult to treat because the treatment needs to be applied to them directly. They hide in very small cracks and go up to 30 days without eating. If you think you may have bed bugs contact the bed bug control experts at EcoTek for a free bed bug inspection.

    Cockroach Control

    cockroach exterminators in Annandale

    Cockroaches are often associated with filth, but they can invade any home and set up a colony. They like easy access to food and to water, which is why you may find them in your kitchen, bathroom and laundry room. They can spread diseases as they crawl over your clean dishes and in and out of your food. They can spread serious stomach viruses, as well as cause breathing issues with people who allergies and asthma.

    The most common cockroaches that we treat are the German and Oriental cockroaches. The American cockroach is also a problem, and it grows to about an inch in size and can fly. At EcoTek, we understand the importance of treating for the type of cockroach and our experts can quickly identify the type of roach and where they are nesting to treat for them quickly and effectively. If you see just one or two roaches, the chances are that you have a lot more. Contact EcoTek today to receive a free cockroach inspection and to receive same-day cockroach control treatment.


    Annandale  exterminators

    Fleas and ticks are often associated with people who have pets, but they can become a problem even if you do not have pets in your home. While fleas do not live on humans they can catch a ride into your home on your clothing or in laundry that you bring into your home. They will feed on humans and your pets and can spread diseases like cat scratch fever and tapeworms. Additionally, a bad infestation can cause your pet to suffer from anemia.

    Ticks can also spread illnesses like Lyme diseases and Rocky mountain spotted fever. These can affect both humans and pets and need to be treated by a doctor. If you are worried about fleas and ticks, you can contact the experts at EcoTek who can perform a free inspection and outline a control treatment plan that will keep you and your family safe from these pests.

    Rodent Control

    Annandale rodent trapping and removal

    Mice and rats are can quickly wreak havoc on your home. They will invade and chew their way through walls and into your home. Not only do they cause damage, they can spread diseases as they invade your food and leave trails of feces and urine wherever they go. They are known to spread salmonella as well as the hantavirus, which has a high mortality rate.

    If you find signs of mouse or a rat, you need to act quickly to protect your family and home from these complications. Trapping the rodents on your own can be dangerous. The experts at EcoTek can humanely trap the rodents and remove them from your property. They offer a turnkey solution that will cover everything from trapping to decontamination and cleanup to installing exclusion barriers to keep them from coming back. Contact the rodent control experts at EcoTek to set up a free consultation and receive a free estimate.

    Wildlife Control

    Annandale wildlife removal

    There will always be animals that spend time outside in and around your yard including birds, squirrels and raccoons. If you live near a wooded area, you may also see foxes, opossums and other wild animals. When these animals stay outside of your home, it is not usually a big deal to have them around, but if they start building their nests in your home or your yard, you may begin to run into problems. They can be dangerous for your children and your pets.

    If you think that you may have an issue around your yard or in your home, you should schedule a free inspection with the experts at EcoTek. Our wildlife control technicians are trained to spot signs of wildlife, safely trap them and then install exclusion barriers to stop other animals from getting in your home. We only use humane traps and we will relocate the animal once it is trapped so that is will not bother your again. Contact EcoTek today.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    How do I stop ants from returning?

    Ants can be difficult to get rid of, because you need to kill the queen in order to eliminate the entire colony. Many people use baits they buy at the store, but these often only work temporarily. Our technicians can determine the best treatment for the ants to stop the ants from returning.

    What are signs that I have termites?

    Termites can be difficult to spot because they do the damage inside of the walls of your home, and you rarely see them. You should look for mud tubes on the foundation of the house and discarded wings around your property each spring. Scheduling an annual termite inspection can also help you determine if termites are a problem.

    Where do cockroaches make their nests?

    Cockroaches like small narrow spaces. They often hid behind or underneath a refrigerator. They may also hide behind cupboards or in small cracks. Signs of roach nests include seeing dead roaches and egg casings or roach droppings around the area.

    What happens during a treatment?

    During your initial treatment, your technician will perform a quick inspection and create a treatment plan based on the insects he finds in your home. He can perform the treatment the same day if you choose. The initial treatment will usually take about thirty minutes with follow up treatments taking twenty minutes

    Do you have a pest control plan?

    At EcoTek, we offer three pest control plans. One is our conventional treatment plan, one is an organic plan and the third includes termite protection, treatment and monitoring. Each treatment plan includes quarterly inspections.

    Do I need to do anything with my pets during a treatment?

    Pets should be removed from the property during the treatment and for four hours after the treatment. Animals are attracted to the wet pesticide, once it is dry, your pets should be safe.

    Do I have to be home during a treatment?

    When you schedule an appointment, you can make arrangements for the technicians to complete the treatment without you home. You will need to give them access to your home, and make sure that your pets are not on site during that time.

    Is same day service available?

    In most cases, same day service is available. If same day service is not available, then we will come out the next day. Your initial inspection and treatment will take about thirty minutes, though larger homes may take longer. Call to schedule your appointment today.

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