What Attracts Mice to Your Home?

rat nestMice are wild animals that are looking for a way to survive. You may find that mice try to come into your home more in the fall or winter as they are looking for a warm place to stay. Once you understand what mice are looking for when they enter in your home.


Mice may enter your home looking for a place to make their home. They will want a quiet place that is near a food source. They will build their nests out of shredded paper and other items. They may make their nests in the walls, in cupboards or in the corners of your garage. If they can find a safe place that is free from predators like a cat, they will quickly settle in for a long stay. Mice reproduce rapidly which means a few mice can quickly turn into an infestation. Once rodents have infested your home there are many dangers that come with them.

Food and Water

Mice will come into your home looking for food and water. They will quickly find food that you may have left out on the counter or the table. They want food that is easy for them to access, but once they have established themselves in your home, they will begin to chew through plastic and boxes to get into the food that they want. They like grains, seeds, oats and fruit. They are vegetarian. They may also eat your pet food and it is a good idea to keep this in a sealed container.

Trash and Clutter

Mice will also go after the trash that is in your home. They like the easy access to the food that you throw away.  Clutter is another factor that makes your home more appealing. It makes it easier for the mice to hide and gives them a place to nest or forage. The cleaner your home the less likely the mice are likely to find their way in to stay.

Keeping Mice Out

One key to keeping mice out of your home is to put up deterrents in any areas where they can easily gain access to your home. Look for chewed up boards around pipes into your home, or around the foundation. You may also want to check out the eaves of your home and the attic. If you keep the food stored in airtight containers and take out your trash regularly, you are less likely to have to deal with mice in your home. If one does wander in, you will likely be able to spot it and take care of it before it becomes a serious issue. When you realize it’s time to call in a professional exterminator, make sure you call the rodent exterminators at EcoTek who can help you completely eliminate any type of rodent in you home, ranging from mice and rats, to squirrels and bats.