How to Get Rid Of Fleas in Your Clothes and more people today are keeping pets for comfort and companionship. However, pets also cause people to have to face many problems. One of the most annoying issues that most people have to deal with is fleas. Fleas can appear in every corner of the house such as in carpets, in beds, on your cats and dogs and on your clothes. Today, we will focus on treating fleas on your clothes.

Detect Problems

To eradicate fleas in your clothes in the most effective way, it is advised that you should find and detect the original cause of the flea infestation. First, you should check your pets as a flea infestation usually originates with them. If the cause of fleas in your clothes is your pets, you will need to give your pets some treatments to get rid of their fleas. This could be bathing them in flea shampoo and applying flea collars.After detecting and treating the fleas on your pets, if any, you should remove them from the area for a while before implementing the next steps. This is because fleas can jump over a long distance, thus if you do not remove your pets, they may jump straight back onto your pets, making all your hard work for nothing. Then, check your wardrobe, your carpets and rugs to find the things that have fleas on. You can now take steps to eradicate them.

Steps for Removal If you find out that the fleas are in your clothes, the following steps would enable you to eradicate them effectively. Firstly, make sure you put all infested clothing into a sturdy plastic bag and seal it up. This step will prevent you from spreading fleas while you are transporting your clothes to the washing machine or laundry facility.You can now use a vacuum cleaner to eradicate any fleas’ eggs that are left. You should vacuum your carpets, floors, bed, and wardrobe thoroughly. Steam cleaning these things would be even more effective, as fleas will not survive the high temperatures. Wash all your clothes at the highest temperature your washing machine can reach. Once they’re dry, iron them thoroughly to kill any remaining flea eggs.Once all this has been done, use some natural flea control products to prevent the fleas coming back again. This may be cedar wood blocks in your wardrobe or sprinkling it with essential oil such as lavender or tea tree oil.Finally, keep your clothes in a dry place as this can prevent a re-infestation. Fleas like to live and breed in dark, humid places. It’s important to make sure that your house is always kept in a clean, tidy and sanitary condition.


“An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure” is a wise old saying. It is necessary to take some preventative steps after removing existing fleas on your pets and in your home. Here are a few tips to help you.

Vacuuming daily

It is important to vacuum your entire house daily. Because one female flea can lay up to fifty eggs a day, vacuuming daily is the best prevention method to protect your pets and your home.

Wash and launder regularly

 Do not leave your dirty clothes for more than three days before washing them. This will prevent fleas maturing and laying eggs on your clothes. Fleas prefer humid, dark and dirty places, which sounds just like a laundry basket! Thus, always do your laundry regularly

Use natural flea products

All the above-mentioned methods can help protect you from fleas. However, you should take the additional step of using natural flea products. This is one of the most effective prevention and treatment methods for fleas. One suggestion is cedar oil products, which can be sprayed onto your pets or around the yard and house. Another is to plant rosemary or lavender plants in pots around the outside of the house.I hope that all the above steps can help you confront the problem of fleas in your clothes. You can find more flea treatments on this website.

How to Get Rid of Fleas with Salt

If your house or pets are suffering from a flea infestation, you may need some help. Flea bites will not only result in terrible itching and pain, but for those with allergies, skin inflammation is inevitable. Fleas are known to be carriers of several serious diseases, such as typhus, tapeworm, and even plague. This is a cause for great concern if fleas are in your home. There are a number of ways to effectively get rid of fleas. However, natural, non-toxic methods are often preferable to chemical treatments. Salt is both a budget-friendly and effective solution to your flea problem. If you still have some doubts about salt as a flea-eradicator, keep reading!

How Salt Kills Fleas

Fleas flourish in moist places, while salt possesses the ability to eliminate moisture. When fleas come into contact with salt, the outer layer of their bodies becomes dry and vulnerable. A treatment of salt powder or a mixture of salt and borax is prescribed for killing these pesky fleas. Salt can be used both indoors and outdoors to treat fleas on pets and carpets.

Directions for Use

Grind the salt into a fine powder and sprinkle it on the flea-infested carpet. The fine salt will penetrate deeply into the carpet fibers and kill fleas. You should leave the salt on your carpet for about 24 hours before vacuuming thoroughly. Salt left out for longer than two days might make your carpet dirty. Sprinkle salt by your doorways, so that fleas cannot escape to other rooms or outside while the salt is working its magic. Flea eggs or larvae may not die instantly, but vacuuming will clear them away. Seal the vacuum bag tightly and have it disposed of as soon as you have finished vacuuming. This will prevent eggs and larvae from developing into fleas inside the bag and invading your house.With regards to pets, a warm salt bath will help to remove the parasites from their bodies. The formula should consist of 1 part of salt mixed with 10 parts of water. Before you bathe your pet in the salt water, you should ensure that the pet has no open wounds. This will prevent unnecessary discomfort. Your pet’s eyes and ears should be shielded from salt water. If your pet is heavily infested, rub salt onto its fur and wait about two hours before rinsing with clean water. You may have to repeat this salt treatment several times to remove all the fleas from your pet’s body.

To sum up

Salt can also be used to kill fleas outside, although this is a less effective method of treatment. Salt treatments certainly stood out when the various methods to kill fleas were explored. Salt is both a non-toxic and budget friendly option. The only things that you need to get the job done are a few cents and a bit of patience!