Pest Control Questions and Answers

Can I receive service today?
We offer same day service in most instances. Call today to set up an appointment. We offer free inspections and estimates. Our technicians can apply a treatment at the same time as your inspection if you choose to have a treatment done.
What will happen at an appointment?
At your first appointment, a technician will complete an inspection and then give you a written estimate and treatment plan. After the inspection is completed, you can choose to have the treatment completed. The first appointment will usually take about twenty minutes.
Can my pets be home during a treatment?
We ask that you remove any pets during a treatment. Pets are attracted to the wet pesticide and it is better to have them off the premises until it is completely dry. Your pets can return home four hours after the treatment is completed.
How long does it take for a treatment?
The average treatment takes about twenty minutes. If you have a larger home, then the treatments may take longer. You can receive an estimated length of time based on your home’s square footage when you call. Some treatments, like bed bug treatments may take longer to complete.
Can my children be home during a treatment?
We use the safest products on the market. They are safer then what you would buy at a store. It is safe for your children to be at home during a treatment. Our technicians are trained in safely applying treatments on both interior and exterior of your home.
Do I need to be home during the treatment?
We understand that you may be busy. You can make arrangements to allow the technician to enter your home or property when you are not home. The technician will leave a notice of the treatment that was completed, and the date and time.
What type of treatments do you offer?
We have both organic and conventional treatment options for the majority of our services. All our treatment options are safe to use. You can discuss your situation with the technician to determine the best treatment method to effectively eliminate any pests in your home.
Do you have continuous maintenance plans?
We offer plans that include quarterly inspections and free resprays as needed. The first option is a conventional treatment plan. The second plan is our green treatment plan. The third option includes termite coverage and control in addition to basic pest control.

Ant Control

What are signs of an ant colony?
Ant colonies may have a mound. If you see one, you likely have a colony. However, you may not notice one. Other signs include seeing ants inside your home, usually in long lines going to and from a food source. You may notice fire ants when they bite you.
I’ve tried treating for ants, but they keep coming back. How do I eliminate them completely?
In order to eliminate ants completely, you need to kill the queen and the entire colony. This can prove difficult to do with products you buy at the store. Our technicians can choose the ant control treatment that will best eliminate the ants and stop them from coming back.
What are signs of carpenter ants?
Sings of carpenter ants include hollow sounding wood when you knock on it. Ants may come out when you do this. You may also notice small piles of wood shavings in your home. If you see the ants, this is a likely sign that you have carpenter ants.
How do I prevent ants?
Ants come into your home in search of food and water. If you can eliminate these sources, you are less likely to have to deal with ants. Fix any leaky pipes to eliminate water. If you wipe down the counters and sweep after each meal, you will make it harder for them to find food.
Can carpenter ants damage my home?
Carpenter ants can cause damage similar to termites. While carpenter ants do not eat the wood, they make their home inside of it and will chew through it to create their home. This can cause serious structural damage to your home.
How do I tell the difference between carpenter and fire ants?
Both carpenter ants and fire ants are larger than common household ants. The main difference is the color of the two ants. Fire ants are a reddish color, while carpenter ants are black. Fire ants build their homes outside underground while carpenter ants build their colonies inside of wood.
How do I get rid of fire ants?
Fire ant mounds are different from other mounds. There is no hole on the top and the ants enter through a tunnel. The tunneling system is extensive and the ants will move to another part of the tunnel to avoid the treatment, which can make them difficult to exterminate.

Termite Control

What is the chemical free monitoring system for termites?
We will set up bait stations around your property that are chemical free. These bait stations are chemical free and contain a core made from wood and cellulose. Our technicians will check them quarterly and if they find termite activity will apply a treatment to eliminate the termites.
How quickly do I need to call if I suspect termites?
The longer you wait to call for a termite control treatment the more damage that the termites will do to your home. A single termite colony can eat through a pound of wood a day. Many people have more than one colony in their home at a time. The damage can grow quickly and it is better to take care of the problem right away.
How damaging are termites?
Termites can weaken the overall structure of your home. Depending on where they are feeding they can weaken supporting walls or floor joists. They can also create a fire hazard because some termites will chew through the casings around electrical wires.
What are signs of termite damage?
One sign of termite damage is squeaky floors. You may also notice patterns in the grain of the wood and long grooves. If the wood sounds hollow when you tap on it, this is another sign. Your drywall may also be stained. If you notice any of these signs you should schedule a free termite inspection to try and keep your termite damage repairs as low as possible.
What are the differences between ants and termites?
Termites have a wider waist and wings that are about the same size. They also have straight antennae. Carpenter ants have narrower waists and clearly segmented bodies. They have bent antennae and their front wings are bigger than the back wings.
How often should I get a termite inspection?
We recommend that you have a termite inspection annually. Most termites will swarm in the spring and early summer, and this is an excellent time for an inspection. The inspection will let you know if you have termites and come with a free estimate for treatment and the cost of any repairs.
Can I still sell my home if it gets termites?
Termites are more common than many people realize. You will be able to sell your home once you have treated for termites and repaired the damage. The value of your home should go back up once the repairs are complete. Be sure to keep records of the treatment and repairs that were done.

Bed Bug Control

What are complications from bed bugs?
Bed bugs do not carry any diseases. They do cause extremely itchy bites and it can be difficult sleeping at night if you are afraid of being bitten. There are several steps that need to be taken in order to get rid of them, since they hide well and can go up to thirty days in between feedings.
Will I need to do anything in addition to your treatment to get rid of bed bugs?
In order to prepare for a treatment, you will need to clean the clutter out of your bedroom. Additionally, you will need to wash your bedding in hot water and dry it on high heat. There are a few more steps you will need to take, and you will receive a complete list when you make the appointment.
How do I tell the difference between fleas and bed bugs?
Flea bites tend to be around your ankles and in a random order, while bug bites may be anywhere. Bed bug bites tend to be in a straight line because they will bite you multiple times during a feeding, and will usually appear at night. There may also be bloodstains on your sheets.
Can bed bugs fly?
Bed bugs do not fly. They do not jump either. They can crawl between three to four feet a minute. Bed bugs like to hide near their feeding source and will venture out to feed when given the opportunity. Even they do not fly or jump, they are good at hiding and finding ways to move from location to location.
Are bed bugs only active at night?
Bed bugs are nocturnal. They are the most active in the hour just before the sun comes up. However, they will take the opportunity to feed when it is available, which means they may feed during the day. They find victims by their Co2 emissions.
Can bed bugs make me sick?
Bed bugs do not pass diseases onto people. They can pick up diseases and carry them, but there have been no known instances where a bed bug transmitted a disease to a person. However, some people do have a serious reaction to the bites and may need to seek medical attention.
Are bed bugs resistant to chemical treatments?
Bed bugs have developed a resistance to many chemical treatments. At EcoTek, we have a specially formulated bed bug control treatment that is very effective at eliminating bed bugs. Our technicians are trained to spot the places they may be hiding so that they can eliminate them completely.

Cockroach Control

How do I identify the different types of cockroaches?
There are three types of cockroaches that we deal with most often. German cockroaches are small and brown in color. Oriental cockroaches are about the same size as German cockroaches, but black. American cockroaches are larger and can be found outside more often.
Can cockroaches fly?
Some cockroaches can fly. The American cockroach has wings, and primarily uses them to glide though they can fly. However, the German cockroach does not fly or glide. Since the American cockroaches are larger it can be disconcerting if they fly at you.
How can I prevent a cockroach infestation?
Cockroaches come into your home in search of food, and they need a steady water source to survive. If you have leaky pipes, it is important to repair them right away. Cleaning up any food sources and keeping your home clean can also help, as well as making sure your doors and windows seal properly. Cutting branches that hang over your roof back can stop the roaches from coming in through any vents you have up there. EcoTek has effective cockroach control treatments that can completely eliminate any infestations you may be dealing with.
Where do cockroaches make their nests?
Cockroaches like to make their nests in small dark places. They will make them in or behind cupboards. They also like to build nests in or behind refrigerators. They tend to gather in places with a steady water supply like your kitchen, bathroom or laundry room.
How do cockroaches get in?
Cockroaches can wander in through cracks around your doors or windows. Some will crawl in through any vents that you have leading into your home. Some roaches catch a ride in inside of packages or shopping bags that you bring home.
Can cockroaches make someone sick?
Cockroaches can aggravate people who suffer from allergies and asthma. They also carry bacteria and viruses that they can spread to you when they crawl across your dishes or get into your food. The diseases include cholera, gastroenteritis, and salmonellosis.
How can I clean up after a cockroach infestation?
You can begin by sweeping up any dead roaches, and the egg casings. After you do this, you will need to clean the area with hot soapy water. If you are concerned about the germs, you can use a bleach solution to wash out the area and kill any remaining germs.

Flea Control

How can I tell if my house has fleas?
One of the ways you can tell is that you will have bites around your ankles. You may also notice that your pets are miserable and scratchy. If you look closely you may be able to see the fleas on your pet, but it is more difficult to find them in the carpet.
Do fleas fly?
Fleas do not fly, but they are great jumpers. In fact, they are considered the second-best jumpers in the animal kingdom. They can jump up to seven inches high and up to thirteen inches away. They will move from victim to victim by jumping.
How do I prevent fleas?
The best way to prevent fleas is to treat your pets. A flea collar is one way to prevent fleas, you can also use an oral medication or drops that you apply to the back of your pet. Your vet can help you determine the best option for your situation. You can also have EcoTek perform a control treatment that will kill the fleas and ticks before they can attack your family and pets.
What diseases do fleas spread to my pets?
Fleas can spread a number of diseases to your pet. The most common is tapeworms. Your animal may lose weight, and you can see the worms in their feces. Cat-scratch fever is another common illness that can also spread to human.

Rodent Control

How soon can I receive treatment?
We understand that you want to deal with rodents as quickly as possible, which is why we offer same day treatment in most instances. Just call us to make an appointment and we can come out to set the traps. We will return each day to check them until your rodent infestation is gone.
What are the dangers of a rodent infestation?
Rodents cause two major issues. The first is the damage they can do to your home. Rodents will chew through anything as they work to build a nest, and they may chew up electrical wiring which can create a fire hazard. Rodents also carry diseases and can make you sick.
What diseases do rodents carry?
Rodents can spread a number of serious disease. They can carry rat bite fever, hemorrhagic fever and hantavirus. They can also spread salmonellosis and other disease caused by bacteria. They may also bring fleas into your home which can carry the plague.
Is rodent control included in a pest control package?
Rodent control is part of our pest control package. You have the option of choosing between three different packages all of which include basic pest control and rodent removal. The first package offers a conventional treatment, the second is our green treatment option and the third option includes termite coverage.
Do you have humane treatment options?
We do offer humane treatment options. You can learn about the specific options that we have available and the best options for your situation after the technician inspects your home and identifies the issue. We understand that you want the treatments to be safe for you and your family.
What are signs of a rodent infestation?
For most people, the first sign of than infestation is the droppings that you may see on your floors, in your cupboards or along your counter tops. You may also here scratching sounds in your walls, especially at night or you may see the rodents in your home.
How do rodents get into my home?
Rodents can fit in very small spaces including small cracks in your foundation. They may chew their way in around a pipe that has been leaking or find a way in through your attic. Once they have come in, you need to find the area in your home and install pest exclusion barriers to stop them from coming in again.