Bed Bug Control

bed bug controlBed bugs are one of the sure ways to ruin a good night of sleep. The pests leave painful, itchy bites and feed on your blood. If you suspect you have bed bugs, you need to eliminate them immediately. It is important to understand bed bugs so that you can best understand the bed bug control treatment process and other steps you need to take to protect yourself and your family.

What Are Bed Bugs?

Bed bugs are brown or red in color. They are small, oval-shaped, flat insects, and are about 5 millimeters in length. After feeding, they may be more red and appear swollen. Bed bugs feed on blood and are most active at night. They can go a year without eating, which makes them hard to identify. Bed bugs and their eggs and larvae are visible to the naked eye, but can fit into small cracks making them difficult to find.

Although they are often found in your bed, bedding and mattresses, they can spread into picture frames, electrical outlets and baseboards. Each female can lay up to 500 eggs, and the average life span is about a year. The eggs small, white and oval. They are not a threat of carrying disease.

How Bed Bug Infestations Start

bed bug life cycle

Bed bugs infestations can start no matter how clean your home is. Most often people pick them up when they are traveling. But you may be able to get them from gyms, offices, the mall or hotels. Bed bugs have spread throughout the country, even though they may be more frequent in certain parts of the country. It is important to check your luggage and your belongs before you go home, and if you think you were bitten in while traveling. If you can stop them before they enter your home it is best. However, if you think you brought them into your office or home, you need to work quickly to deal with the infestation. Their small size makes it difficult to spot bed bugs when they happen.  Here is a list of signs that to help you identify an infestation:

4 Signs of an Infestation

It is important to know how to spot bed bugs and to understand them so that you can treat them effectively. Here four signs of a bed bug infestation:

  1. Bed bug droppings will look like black or brown stains on your sheets or mattress.
  2. Bed bug skins are left behind on the furniture or bed linens.
  3. Itching rows of bug bites or welts.
  4. Seeing the bugs themselves.

What To Do If You Think You Have Bed Bugs

Once you suspect that you have bed bugs, then it is important to call EcoTek. The trained exterminators will take a number of steps to help you with an existing infestation. The first step is a free bed bug inspection, and we will provide you with a treatment plan and cost estimate for treating them.

Free Bed Bug Inspection

When we complete an inspection, we will make a thorough examination of your home including all of your furnishings, rugs, beds curtains and more. A trained exterminator will look for the molted skins of the bed bugs and for fecal matter, as well as the eggs that may be hidden in cracks. After the inspection, your technician will provide a free estimate and treatment plan.

The EcoTek Bed Bug Control Treatment Plan

bed bug treatment

At EcoTek, we use an effective insecticide to treat the bed bugs in your home. The treatment takes longer than other pest control treatments. It will take about an hour to treat a bedroom, and if you are treating multiple rooms, you will need to plan accordingly. Our technicians will work to completely eliminate the bed bugs in your home.

How to Prepare for an EcoTek Bed Bug Control Treatment

Both the conventional and thermal remediation treatments can quickly eliminate the bed bugs. You can prepare for a treatment and make the process easier by taking a few steps:

  1. Clear up the clutter in your home. It will make it easier to find the bed bugs.
  2. Wash your bed linens at the highest temperature available and try them on high heat.
  3. In the future, carefully inspect any second hand furniture you buy and carefully check any luggage when you come home from a trip.

EcoTek will complete a follow up visit to make sure the bed bugs have been eliminated. If there are still bugs present, we will continue our treatments until they are gone. Bed bugs can be difficult to eliminate, but EcoTek will do everything in our power to treat and eliminate the bed bugs for you.

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  • Frequently Asked Questions

    How do bed bugs find victims?

    Bed bugs use the warmth of your body and the CO2 that you breathe out to find you. They will crawl toward the warmth in the dark. They can crawl three to four feet per minute, which means the nests will be fairly close to your bed.

    How did I end up with bed bugs with a clean home?

    Bed bugs are not related to filth. They can come into a clean home and cause an infestation. The bed bugs infestations are usually a result of bringing home the bed bugs after a business trip or vacation. It can be easier to treat for bed bugs if you clear up any clutter, but they are not attracted to clutter in your home.

    Will I need to leave during treatment?

    You will not need to leave during a bed bug treatment. However, you will need to remove your pets for at least four hours after the treatment is completed. The bed bug control treatment process takes longer than our other pest control treatments, so you will need to plan accordingly. The technician should be able to give you an estimated treatment time based on the size of your home.

    Will I need to do anything in addition to your treatment to get rid of bed bugs?

    Will I need to do anything in addition to bed bug control treatment to get rid of bed bugs?

    There is a list of things you will need to do before a treatment. When you schedule an appointment, you will receive the full list of information. However, it includes items like washing your bedding in hot water and drying it on high heat. You will also need to remove any clutter that may be in your bedroom.

    How can I avoid bringing them home?

    Bed bugs often come into homes inside of luggage or other bags. You may pick them up at the gym or in a hotel that is infested. You can avoid this by using the luggage racks that are provided for you in the hotel and by completing a thorough inspection before you unpack.

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