Cockroach Control

cockroach controlOne infestation that upsets and disgust our customers the most is a cockroach infestation, which is why cockroach control is one of EcoTek’s most demanded pest control services. Cockroaches are most often found in the kitchen and can destroy food in the cabinets and pantries.  Many people are allergic to cockroaches and they can cause serious allergic reactions. Some cockroaches can carry bacteria and spread salmonella. Cockroaches need a steady source of water, which means you may also see them in your bathrooms and laundry room.

Cockroaches reproduce quickly, so if you have seen one in your home, you need to call EcoTek for a free cockroach inspection by one of our expert exterminators. Our expert technicians can identify the type of roach, find their nests and effectively eliminate the cockroaches in your home. Each type of cockroach requires a different treatment plan.

There are thousands of different types of cockroaches in the United States, including the American, German and Oriental cockroach. Some of the cockroaches are more likely to be found in homes and apartment buildings. In Virginia there are two different variations that we must eliminate the most often.

Free Cockroach Control Inspection and Estimate

Contact us as soon as you see a cockroach in or around your building. We will provide a free cockroach inspection to determine the seriousness of your infestation. We will identify the areas where the cockroaches are breeding and living, as well as signs of damage they have caused.

Cockroach Extermination Treatment

Our comprehensive cockroach control treatment plan for exterminating adult cockroaches and their larvae includes multiple extermination methods and insecticides. It is not as simple as spraying the area where they are currently living. It is important to use bait system along with the insecticides that are specially designed to deal with the type of cockroach we are eliminating. Once we visit, you can be confident that your cockroach infestation is gone for good. We offer a Pest Free Warranty that states if you ever see another cockroach, we will come out to perform another cockroach control treatment at no additional charge.

The German Cockroach

German cockroach

German cockroaches are usually found in kitchens. They are the smallest type of roach growing to about ½ inch in length. They are brown with two dark parallel lines down their backs. Although they are small, they can still negatively impact your home and your family. These roaches can multiply rapidly and can quickly become an infestation of thousands in your home. Signs of German cockroaches include droppings, especially along the walls and baseboards as well as egg cases.

The American Cockroach

American cockroachThe American cockroach, also referred to as Palmetto bugs, are much larger. They can grow to 1 ½ inches in length. They may also be referred to as water bugs because they like warm moist areas. Common places to find these bugs are bathrooms, basements, crawl spaces, hampers and laundry rooms. When the temperature drops they begin to come inside to escape your home, and you may begin to find them in your business or home.

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  • Frequently Asked Questions

    What can I do to prevent American cockroaches from getting in my home?

    American cockroaches may also be called water bugs or palmetto bugs. They wander into your home from outside, often when it rains. They may come in through the cracks around your door or windows or in through your roof. If you trim back any tree limbs that are hanging over your house you should see a decrease in the number of roaches. Additionally, making sure your doors shut tightly should help.

    Do you offer organic treatment options?

    We do have effective organic treatment options available. Our organic products are safe for your home and family. We also offer a safe conventional treatment option that can quickly eliminate the cockroaches in your home. After dealing with the infestation, we can do barrier treatments that will prevent new roaches from entering the home.

    Can my children/pets be home when the treatment is applied?

    The treatments are safe to use in your home. You and your children can safely be home during the treatment. However, we do ask that animals are removed from the home during treatment and for four hours after the treatment is completed. Animals are attracted to the pesticide when it is wet and it is not safe for them to ingest it.

    What types of treatments do you use?

    At EcoTek, we have both conventional and organic options. Both are safe to use in your home. You can choose the option that you prefer when you speak to your technician. Both the conventional method and organic method are very effective at quickly eliminating the roaches.

    Is there a continuous maintenance plan available?

    We do offer several different treatment plans. We will come out and treat your property every six weeks. After the initial treatment, we usually continue to treat the exterior of the home to prevent a new infestation. With this option, you should never need to worry about a cockroach infestation again.

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