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Woodbridge pest controlWoodbridge is located just twenty miles south of Washington D.C. It has a number of attractions including having the stadium of the Potomac National baseball team and the Potomac Mills Mall. In addition, it has some wonderful parks and wildlife refuge areas like the Occoquan Bay National Wildlife Refuge that offers a variety of outdoor hiking and other activities. This community is a great draw for people who are interested in commuting into D.C. It is a true bedroom community for the D.C. area.

The warm, humid weather and the nearby wetlands make Woodbridge a breeding ground for insects that may invade your home. Your home is your largest home investment and you need to protect it from any invading insects and other pests that may affect. Our experts at EcoTek can provide the extermination services to help your protect home and family.

EcoTek Pest Control has been providing quality pest control services since 2011. Our technicians understand that each pest requires a different type of treatment, and our technicians can create a plan specific to your property’s needs We offer both conventional and organic treatments. If you have a problem with cockroaches, ants, bed bugs or even rodents, contact us.

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  • Ant Control

    ant exterminators in Woodbridge

    Ants can quickly invade your home. They are a common household pest that travel in colonies. If you spot one or two ants exploring for a food or water source, you need to act quickly so that you do not have a steady stream of ants entering your home. Household ants are usually small and will build their colonies outside and then send workers in to retrieve food and water. In order to solve the ant problem, you will need to kill the entire colony. Carpenter ants are another common ant to find in Woodbridge. These ants will build their colonies inside of your home. The damage carpenter ants cause is similar to that of termites. Fire ants build their colonies outside. Fire ant bites sting and hurt. They may keep you from enjoying your yard.

    Many people try to treat ants by using baits or traps they buy at the store. However, to effectively rid yourself of ants, you need to kill the queen and the entire colony. This can be difficult to do. The ant control experts at EcoTek can identify the type of ants and find the best solution to eliminate the colony around your home. If you think you have ants, contact EcoTek for a free ant inspection. Our experts can quickly determine if you have a problem and offer a treatment plan for your home with a free estimate.

    Termite Control

    termite exterminators in Woodbridge

    Termites swarm in the spring and will move entire colonies from one location to another. The wooded areas around Woodbridge mean that you need to vigilant in watching for signs of a new invading colony. Some of these signs include discarded wings, and mud tubes on the foundation of your home. You may also see signs inside like squeaky floor boards, long grooves in the wood or stained drywall. Termites can do thousands of dollars in damage in a short amount of time, and you must act quickly to stop them.

    If you suspect you have termites, you can call EcoTek and schedule a free termite inspection. It is a good idea to regularly schedule inspections, since our experts can quickly identify a problem and begin treatment to stop the damage. Our treatments will include exterminating the termites and clean up. We also offer termite damage repair services and plans that will stop termites from returning to your home. We also offer chemical free monitoring stations to help catch and stop future infestations. Learn more about our termite services.

    Bed Bug Control

    Woodbridge bed bug exterminators

    Bed bugs have increased in prevalence in the last several years. They are difficult to treat because they are so small in size and can hide in unexpected places. Some typical signs of bed bugs include stained sheets, bed bug droppings in your bedding or on your mattress, and the tell-tale signs of bites in a row. Bed bugs can feed for up to ten minutes at a time, and they take just 35 days to mature meaning one or two can quickly turn into an infestation.

    Finding beg bugs can be difficult to find and treat because they are so small in size. They often nest in very small cracks. When trying to treat them on your own, you may not be able to find and treat the nest, which means they will just come back. If you think you may have bed bugs contact EcoTek today for a free bed bug inspection. Our expert bed bug removal technicians can inspect for bed bugs and then offer a conventional spray treatment that will kill both the adult bugs and their larvae.

    Cockroach Control

    cockroach exterminators in Woodbridge

    Cockroaches may invade your home, your apartment complex or your business. They can wander in your home in search of food or water. Cockroaches like warm wet areas, and tend to gravitate to your kitchen, bathrooms or laundry room. The nests can be difficult to find, but they can quickly multiply into thousands of roaches. Roaches can spread disease like salmonella and ruin your food or run over your plates and other dishes. Cockroaches can also cause issues with people who have allergies or asthma.

    There are several different types of cockroaches, and each variety requires a different type of treatment. The expert cockroach control technicians at EcoTek can quickly identify the types of cockroaches you have, but also find their nests and come up with a treatment plan. If you suspect that you have roaches, you should call EcoTek today for a free roach inspection and estimate.


    Woodbridge  exterminators

    Most people associate fleas and ticks with pets. However, you can develop a problem in your home even without pets. Fleas may hop onto you or your clothes as you walk through the grass or if you visit a place that has a flea infestation. Fleas can cause allergic reactions in some people, but carry diseases that can negatively affect your pets. Ticks carry serious diseases like Rocky Mountain spotted fever and Lyme disease.

    When you find fleas on your pets, you will need to treat them It is also important to address any that may have made your house their home. Flea powders and other treatments can be messy and time consuming. It is important to deal with your problem as soon as you as you realize you have one. The control experts at EcoTek can help you exterminate any fleas or ticks in your home. Call us today for a free inspection.

    Rodent Control

    Woodbridge rodent exterminators

    Rats and mice are dangerous to have in your home. Not only do they carry serious diseases like the hantavirus. They can also cause significant damage to your home as they chew up material to create nests. Rodents also leave behind a trail of feces, fur and blood that can carry germs and leave an unpleasant aroma. Since the gestation period for rodents is fairly short, it only takes a few weeks until you can have a real infestation on your hands. They may make their nests in your attics, pantry and closets. You may notice them through droppings around the house or scratching sounds at night.

    If you suspect you have rats or mice in your home, you need to take actions today to protect your home and family. At EcoTek, we offer a turnkey rodent control solution that will help you by trapping and removing all of the rodents. After that is completed, we can clean up the mess they leave in their wake and decontaminate the area. We will then repair any damage they have done to your walls or home and install exclusion barriers to prevent new ones from returning. Letting the experts handle the clean up can reduce the chance of you or family catching one of the diseases that they carry. Don’t wait. Call EcoTek today!

    Wildlife Control

    Woodbridge wildlife removal

    Sounds of scampering in your attic or the rustle of wings are signs that some type of wildlife may be trying to make their nests inside of your home. These animals can damage your home either by tearing apart your insulation or by chewing through electrical wires. Raccoons can even tear down parts of your HVAC system. They can also pose a danger to your pets outside of the home, as some animals will become aggressive if approached.

    If you think you may have wildlife in your yard, you should schedule a free wildlife inspection. The experts at EcoTek has a system that allows us to humanely catch the animals and then release them back into the wild, far away from your home. Our wildlife removal professionals will install exclusion barriers to stop the wildlife from getting back into your home. If you are worried about bats, birds, squirrels, foxes, raccoons or other wildlife, contact EcoTek for help.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Can I have my children at home during a treatment?

    You and your children can be home during the treatment. We use some of the safest treatment options available. Our technicians are trained to apply the treatment correctly. If you have any specific questions about the treatments just ask.

    Is the treatment safe for pets?

    Our treatments are safe for pets once it is completely dry. We ask that the pets be removed from the premises during the treatment and for four hours after it is completed. This will allow the treatment to dry and keep your pets safe.

    What steps do I need to take to get rid of fleas?

    There are several things you will need to do before we do a flea treatment. You will need to vacuum your floor and furniture. You will also need to treat your pets for fleas. We will give you a complete list when you schedule your appointment.

    What can I expect at my first appointment?

    At your first appointment, our technician will provide a free inspection. After the inspection is complete, he will provide you with a treatment plan and written estimate. You can opt to have the treatment done immediately if you want to. The appointment should take about thirty minutes.

    What treatment options do you have?

    We offer a safe and effective conventional treatment option. We also offer organic or green treatments for many different types of pest control treatments. You can discuss the best option with your technician after the inspection is complete.

    What do American cockroaches look like?

    American cockroaches are also called water bugs or palmetto bugs. They can grow up to 1 ½ inches long. They are usually brown and they can fly. They are found outside more often, but may come into your home more when it rains.

    What types of treatment plans are available?

    You can sign up for a maintenance plan for pest control. There are three different plans available. Owe offer a green or organic option, as well as a conventional option. We have a third option that includes termite treatments and control.

    How can I prevent rodents from getting in my home?

    The best way to prevent rodents is to install exclusion barriers anywhere there are holes or cracks in your foundation or in your attic. Stopping branches from hanging over your roof can also help. You should act quickly if you think you have rodents.

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