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Bristow pest controlBristow, Virginia is a great community located about thirty miles outside of Washington  D.C. It was voted the best place to own a home in Virginia by Nerd Wallet. It is a growing city and the temperate climate with warm summer evenings and cool fall days make it a great place to live and enjoy the outdoors and all that the city has to offer. Because of the new construction over the last few years and expanding city,  Bristow may have a wide variety of insects to deal with. It is frustrating to deal with insects invading your home and causing serious damage. At EcoTek, we can help to protect your home and let you stop worrying about unwanted pests.

With the extensive shore line, and variety of ecosystems Bristow can be a breeding ground for a number of insects that can move into your yard or home. If you want to protect your family, pets and property from the damage and disease that many of these insects can cause, you do not need to look any further than EcoTek. We have been providing quality service since 2011 and we can help protect your home and property from unwanted pests. The experts at EcoTek can provide a free inspection and estimate for your specific needs. With both conventional and organic options available, you can choose the treatment plan for your situation. 

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  • Ant Control

    ant control in Bristow

    Ants are a very common household pest. When you see one, more are sure to follow. They can quickly invade your home and set up long lines of workers trying to reach your pantry or leftover food. They can also cause damage to your home by creating access tunnels. If you notice an ant, you need to kill more than just the one you see. It is important to eliminate the entire colony by killing the queen. Treating for ants effectively is more than just laying out a few bait traps. It is important to understand the type of ant and choose the treatment option that will be the most effective.

    In Bristow, there are three common varieties of ants that you may see: carpenter ants, household ants, and fire ants. Each type of ant poses a different risk with different habits and behaviors. Ant control treatments for each type of ant is different. For example, carpenter ants like to build a nest inside the wood in your home causing structural damage, while the household ants tend to build their colonies outside. Fire ants build extensive tunnels outside and can make it difficult for your family and your pets to enjoy time outside. EcoTek can provide you with free pest control inspection to identify the ants and determine the best type of treatment. Call us today to set up an appointment.

    Termite Control

    termite extermination in Bristow

    Termites also like to build their nests in wood or underground. They are capable of damaging the structural integrity of the building. Some termites will even chew through electrical wiring causing a fire hazard.  They can cause thousands of dollars in structural damage and threaten the integrity of your home. When you have termites, you will need to address both the infestation and the damage they have caused. The sooner you can find and treat a termite infestation the better.

    It is important to identify a termite invasion as quickly as possible. You need to watch out for small holes in the wood around your home. Knocking on the wood to see if sounds hollow is another sign. A common thing to watch for is a mud tube, (see the picture on the right). Mud tubes are similar to the width of a pencil. If you break one open, you should see termites inside it. The best time for a termite inspection is in the spring, because this is the time when the termites will swarm and try to find new areas to colonize. If you see winged termites around your home, you may already have a colony in your home, and you need to contact a professional immediately. You can schedule a free termite inspection with us today. EcoTek’s professional termite exterminators will do an inspection and provide a free estimate with a treatment and repair termite damage caused by the infestation. Learn more about our termite control services.

    Bed Bug Control

    bed bug extermination in Bristow

    Nothing is worse than not sleeping due to small, itchy bites. Bed bugs tend to live in mattresses and couches. These small mites feed on blood, and you may not notice them at first because they numb your skin with enzymes in their saliva. Other signs of bed bugs include blood spots on your sheets and black droppings in your bedding. Bed bugs are not the result of poor hygiene. An infestation is usually a result of the bugs being brought in from a vacation or secondhand furniture. They reproduce rapidly. Although they are visible to the human eye, they can hide in small places that are hard to find.

    Bed bugs are resistant to many different types of pest control. Since they can go weeks without feedings, you may not get them all with your first treatment. EcoTek counters this by using specially formatted chemical solutions and heat remediation to kill all bed bugs that are present. Our expert technicians can quickly find where the beg bugs are hiding and set up a treatment plan that will eliminate the bed bugs and their larvae to stop the infestation completely. Call the EcoTek bed bug control professionals to set up a free inspection and to receive a free estimate today.

    Cockroach Control

    cockroach extermination in Bristow

    Cockroaches are a disgusting bug to have in your home. They infest the food in your home and can spread germs and eggs wherever they go. Some varieties can fly and can grow up to an inch long. They can invade every part of your home, but are usually found near a water source like your kitchen, bathrooms or laundry room. Some cockroaches can carry diseases that can make you and your family sick. They can also aggravate individuals with allergies or asthma.

    Cockroaches usually wander in from the outside, though they may come home in a shopping bag. One or two cockroaches can quickly turn into a thousand, since they breed so quickly. The nests can be hard to find because they can squeeze into very small spaces. If you want to make sure your home is free from cockroaches, you need the professional help of the cockroach control experts at EcoTek. The different types of cockroaches have different habits and require different treatment plans. One of our experienced technicians can quickly identify what type of treatment is needed. Our experts can create a plan to deal with your specific type of cockroach infestation, and we can clean up the damage that they leave in their wake. Call us for a free cockroach inspection today.


     extermination in Bristow

    Fleas and ticks can affect both your pets and your family. Flea bites are easier to spot than a tick bite because they are itchy. Fleas can carry diseases that can affect your pets. If a pet carries in fleas, they can quickly become an infestation. Ticks can be harder to spot because of their small size, but they do carry diseases like Lyme disease, Rocky Mountain spotted fever, and Babeosis. It is important to check regularly for ticks to help prevent contracting the diseases that they carry.

    Fleas and ticks enter the home by attaching themselves to you, your clothing or your pets. They will do this by crawling to the highest point on a patch of grass and wait for something to brush against it.  Fleas can spread when people or animal come into contact with something else that has fleas. In addition to treating your pets, you will need to treat your home. Although you may be tempted to treat your home yourself with flea powder, it may not be as effective as a professional control treatment. As soon as you spot a flea or a tick, you should schedule a free tick and flea inspection with the experts at EcoTek.

    Rodent Control

    rodent removal in Bristow

    Mice and rats can be very destructive, and are something that you never want infesting your home. They like areas that are warm and that have easy access to food. It is more common to see them coming into your home in the fall and winter as the weather grows colder and they are looking for a warm place to stay. You may find them in your kitchen or your attic. Signs of rodents include scratching sounds at night, as well as droppings around your home.

    When they invade your home, rodents will breed quickly. In addition to leaving feces and urine trails throughout your home, they will chew up everything they can access. If you think you have a rodent problem, or even just one, you should call EcoTek right away. Our rodent control experts are experienced in ridding your home of rodents and in removing all of the damage and waste they have left behind. We will decontaminate their nests and breeding areas to remove the chance of a disease outbreak. We will repair the damage they have caused and set up exclusion barriers to stop new rodents from getting back in. Call EcoTek today to set up free rodent inspection today.

    Wildlife Control

    Bristow wildlife removal
    Wildlife is a challenge for many different homeowners. While it is common to see squirrels and even the occasional raccoon around your property, it is a different matter if they set up their nest under your crawlspace or in your attic. Bats and birds can pose another serious issue as they leave behind droppings and guano that can make your home smell and even make your family sick. There are other animals that can prove dangerous to your pets including foxes.

    If you are having an issue with some type of wildlife, you should contact the wildlife control experts at EcoTek. We can safely trap the animal and release it far away from your home so that it will no longer be an issue. We use humane traps and check them frequently to make sure that the animal is safe and does not suffer. As part of the service we can help with decontamination and clean up and set up exclusion barriers to stop the animals from coming back into your home again. Call EcoTek today to schedule your free wildlife inspection.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Can my children be home during a treatment?

    It is safe for you and your children to be home for a treatment. We use products that are safer than what you can buy at the store. However, your pets will need to be removed from the home during treatment and for four hours afterward.

    Why do ants keep coming back?

    In order to stop ants, you need to kill the queen and then the entire colony will die. The traps and bait stations you use may do this, but it will not stop a new colony from moving in. The technicians at EcoTek can work to eliminate the current colony and stop any new ones from returning.

    What treatment options do you offer?

    We have both conventional and organic treatment options for most of our pest control services. The conventional methods are very effective and safe for you and your family. The organic options are also effective. You can talk to your technician to choose the best option for your situation.

    How do cockroaches get in my home?

    Cockroaches can crawl in through small cracks around your doors or windows. They may also come in through the vents on your roof. People inadvertently bring in cockroaches in a package or in shopping bags. They can also come in on secondhand furniture.

    How long does each treatment take?

    Each treatment takes on average about twenty minutes. The initial appointment may take up to thirty minutes. If your home or property is large, it may take more time. Bed bug treatments will take longer to complete. You can get a time estimate based on your home’s square footage when you call.

    Can you help with rodents?

    Yes, we offer rodent control. We will set traps and then can remove the rodents and help with the decontamination process. As part of the service we can also install exclusion barriers to stop other rodents from entering your home again.

    Do you do interior or exterior treatments?

    We offer interior and exterior treatments. The interior treatments are done to clear up infestations that may currently be in your home. The exterior treatments create barrier to prevent new pets from entering your home. The treatment will be based on your situation.

    Do you have a maintenance plan?

    We do offer three maintenance plans. The first is our conventional option. We also have a green conventional plan. Our third plan also includes termite control. Each plan includes quarterly inspections and resprays when needed.

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