How Can I Stop Rodents from Getting in My Home?

rodent control
Image courtesy of Earth’sbuddy CC by-SA 3.0
Rodents can quickly damage your home and they spread a number of serious illnesses including hantavirus. It is very stressful to realize that you have rodents in your home leaving trails of droppings and urine as they scamper through your kitchen in search of food. They are expert climbers and can get into almost any space. It is important to take steps to prevent rodents from getting in your home.

Check for Holes Around Your Foundation

Periodically check your home for places where rodents can find their way into your home. If you see signs of holes or chewing, you should take the steps necessary to fix the holes. This could mean replacing wood or it could mean installing pest exclusion barriers in those spaces. If you have damage from other pests like termites, rodents will take advantage of these weaknesses to work their way into your home, so you should make those repairs correctly.

Look in Your Attic and Under Your Eaves

Another area that rodents will get into your home is through your roof or under your eaves. They can walk across electrical wires or climb on trees and drop onto your roof. You should check your roof for loose shingles or areas that the rodents can easily get in and make the necessary repairs. Check under the eaves too. Be sure that grates are installed over each the vents to keep rodents out.

Trim Back Tree Branches

Tree branches that hang over your home or brush up against the side of your home can provide another access point for rodents to get into your home. Trimming back any bushes or trees will provide the extra protection against rodents and other insects.

Check Areas Where Pipes Enter Your Home

Rodents will come in through any area where there is a space or weakened wood. The areas around the pipes can be weakened if there is a leak in the area. You can install exclusion barriers or replace wood that is weak or rotting to keep rodents out of your home.

Keep Your Home Clean

Rodents are attracted by strong smells, and they can more easily set up house in a home that is cluttered and not as clean. Cutting down on the clutter and taking out the trash each night can reduce the chances of getting rodents. Be sure to do your dishes each night and to store all your food in airtight containers. These steps can cut back on the smells in your home and make your home less attractive to rodents.